Pakistan International Disputes Weekend 2024

Review, Reflect and Revive

11th - 12th May 2024

Conference will start in

About PIDW

Pakistan International Disputes Weekend is a progressive platform curated to serve the following objectives:

  • Provide a singular platform for like-minded dispute resolution practitioners and organizations to annually convene and enhance their professional network
  • Stay on par with global best practices and keep up with the continuous evolution of practice
  • Speak, learn and participate in insightful panel discussions with masters of dispute resolution practitioners
  • Explore and create a plethora of opportunities for transnational business


PIDW aims to ‘review, reflect and revive’ the practice of dispute resolution globally and stimulate constructive dialogue, ultimately incorporating trade secrets from around the world for personal and professional refinement.

PIDW binds together various facets of the dispute resolution practice, such as Arbitrators, ADR Centers, Mediators, Lawyers, Law Firms, Barristers Chambers, Adjudicators, and Judges alongside members of the Business, Construction, Energy and Power, Oil and Gas sectors and Media platforms to build a strong web of connections amongst each other.

We at PIDW consider continuous professional development, diversification and inclusivity as their social responsibility to the dispute resolution community. We look forward to working with different organizations and individuals to satisfy our core values and commitment.

Join us at PIDW’24 in the upcoming year to join hands for shared aims and objectives.